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About Us

At Women Talk Design, we believe that the voices of women and nonbinary folks need to be heard – in meetings, on stage, and in the articles and books that we read. We’re on a mission to help make that a reality. We host a directory that features 700+ women and nonbinary speakers and their talks. We also curate resources for event organizers on how to design more inclusive events that our speakers want to be part of. Most importantly, we bring together a community of women and nonbinary folks through training, events, and a digital platform. We empower one another to share our stories and expertise on stage, in the workplace, and with the world.

Why You Should Join Us

We truly believe that there is nothing more powerful than bringing people together to support one another and lift each other up. Our community is ever growing, and we look forward to helping you connect with other community members to continue to grow and deepen your knowledge as a speaker. There’s so much that you can do in our new space. This private community allows you to ask questions and get feedback on ideas for your next talk – knowing that what you share will be kept in earnest. We also provide the opportunity for you to share your wins and experiences, offer pertinent advice, find inspiration from other members and meet ambitious speakers just like you.

How to Join Us

When you request to join, we’ll ask you to answer a few questions and agree to our Community Guidelines. This space is currently open to women and gender non-binary speakers. New and experienced speakers are welcome! Keep in mind, your membership is critical to fostering a safe community. Once approved, you’ll be able to contribute to the space and connect with other members. We can’t wait to see you there!